Crescent City Classic and Easter Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend here in Louisiana (well except for yesterday..but I didn't mind..perfect napping weather!) Friday, S and I drove down to New Orleans for the night as I had the Crescent City Classic 10k in the morning!
After checking into our hotel, we winded up eating at an amazing restaurant called Cochon in New Orleans. We sat outside and it was beautiful and SO GOOD. Oh my good and the dessert...get this..peanut butter chocolate pie. I died and went to heaven. In fact, I told S next time we come there, we should just get all of the desserts..who needs the rest of it!
 After we ate, we winded up just wandering around New Orleans and actually ended up at a burlesque show at this small little theatre called the Shadowbox Theatre. It was a very small show but actually pretty awesome! I loved the way they related the show to history (in this case Weimar Berlin), as I found I learned a lot during the show. Plus, there was an awesome comedian that performed in between acts. We wanted to do something different..and this definitely was. It was a ton of fun!

 I had been having a lot of trouble just walking around New Orleans with my asthma...and was worried about doing the race the next morning. I almost backed out..I couldn't breathe at all and kept having to use my inhaler just walking around town.  I almost bailed a few times..However, my entire family was doing it and I didn't want to back out on them. 
The next morning, S walked me to the Super dome for the start of the race. I decided that I would take it easy for the race..and not push myself to hard as I didn't want to have an asthma attack. I winded up just staying with my sister and we just power walked the whole thing..My asthma was never a problem and although I didn't get to run at all, I had so much fun! The atmosphere of the whole race was amazing. There were bands outside playing along the route, lemonade stands, free beer, people cheering us on and holding up signs. It was just totally awesome. I am making it my goal to run it next year as I was bummed I didn't get to this year.

My sister from another mister..and my cute little nephew in the back!

All of us! 

Easter was super laid back for us and I actually laid around catching up on my shows I've been missing over the past few weeks.. It also rained so it was perfect napping weather..which I took advantage of. All in all a great weekend :).

Now I'll leave you with some pictures I took of my niece and nephew this morning. Aren't they super cute? You know they are!

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