Wednesday Weigh-in

Another Wednesday, Another weigh in! Here are my numbers from this week :)!

Hey guys! This week I was forced to use the scale at my home as I did not work today..:( So unfortunately, no cool stats like normal..I weighed in at 143 as of today. Now over this past week, I have seen HUGE fluctuations and due to a ridiculous binge yesterday.. I'm lucky that I still had a lose. In fact, I'm shocked I didn't gain 5 pounds as I ate so much chocolate...

Last weeks Stats:
Body weight: 143.6 (-1.4)
Body fat: 33.8% (-1.5%)
Water weight: 46.8% (+1)
Visceral fat: 4 (same)
Muscle mass: 90.2 (+.4)
Bone mass: 4.8 (same)

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