Yeah. No, don't sign me up for cardio...

Happy Friday guys!
I am so excited that it is finallyyyyy the weekend..Two more weeks and a small break in school! WOO! However, what I am REALLY excited for is the Foam Fest 5k this weekend! Ya'll, I am so ready for this!! Let me spell it out for is a 5k fun run that involves mud, foam, water, and how frickin awesome!! 

This is the video off their website..I hope our location is as fun as this one!

Anyways, I couldn't do this alone so we winded up making it a family event! My mom, sister and my fiance will be doing it with me! We also decided that if we were a team, we would need matching T-shirts. Of course, when we signed up for the race, Pitch perfect (still love it!) was a movie everyone could not get enough of. And um what better reference to use, than Fat Amy's infamous "Horizontal Running" we decided to use that because unfortunately we are not as creative as I'd like to think..Now my fiance has complained through the whole process about using this movie but all I can say is he is lucky his shirt isn't pink and glittery like ours.. We made these ourselves and they came out awesome! I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. 

If you follow me on instagram, you may have gotten this sneak peak:

Everyone have a great weekend!!

"Mud" Fest 5k

If you read my previous post, I told you guys I was planning on going to the Foam Fest 5k in Denham Springs, LA. I was so ready for this! I definitely had fun but it was not what I had all. In fact, they should have called it a dang Mud fest because I felt like that was all it was! 
Me and my sister showing off our neat shirts!

Now, I know I live in South Louisiana but I did not know if all of the mud was because of the weather or if it was meant to be like that for the actual race. . For it being a 5k, after the first sprint from the starting couldn't really run the all because of all the mud you were in. There were some foam obstacles..giant inflatables that you dove into and come out of covered head to toe. Another "obstacle" was walking through literally, the swamps of LA. There were lots of stumps and in some places, the water got extremely high.. This girl is only 5 feet tall and I thought I was going under on some points :).
3/4ths of our team!

All us shorties and S :).

I was so proud of myself for completing this. I am asthmatic and not that it is an excuse, but I still struggle with running and hard physical activity. I did it though woo!!! It took us around 2 hours to get through the whole thing..which is definitely a long time but I am not gonna lie, it was exhausting.. I took my damn time. Of course as soon as I got home, the whole family passed out. Sunday involved me attempting to clean up but really just involved me lying in bed all day.. Anyone else have any experiences with different "adventure" runs like this or even this one? 

Non Scale victories!

Hey guys, this will be short today as I am at school and typing this on my phone. I wanted to share a NSV with you guys that I am sooo very excited about!

In the post on Spring fashion I posted yesterday, I mentioned a teal lace dress that I was considering getting for a wedding.. Well in my considerably long break between classes, I decided to run to the mall and see what I could find. Low and behold, they had the dress! Unfortunately all they had was a size 12 and it jumped down to 6.. Now I'm usually a 10, sometimes an 8. So I decided to go ahead and try on the size 12. It was too big. I loved the dress and decided what the hell, I'm going to try the 6. The amazing sales associate at Jcpenney in Hammond, Louisiana got me a new size and wished me luck after I exclaimed how I was gonna squeeze into this baby! So I pull it up. It's a tad bit tight on the ole' bum but keeps going up... So I pull it up and zip. OMG, guys it fit! A mother frickin size 6!!! It was a little tight around my stomach but nothing a pair of spanx can't fix.. I was so excited I called two associates over to show it off and make sure it wasn't too tight. With their approval I walked out of that store with the SIZE 6 dress in my hands.. Now I doubt I'll be fitting in any size 6 jeans yet, but this definitely helped!

Sorry if formatting is all off, it is tough typing this on a phone. Have a great weekend guys!!


Weigh In Wednesday!

Another Wednesday, Another weigh in! Here are my numbers from this week :)!

Body weight: 145(-2.6) woooo!!!
Body fat: 35% (-1%)
Water weight: 45.8% (+.5)
Visceral fat: 4 (same)
Muscle mass: 89.8
Bone mass: 4.8 (same)

Pretty awesome!! I will say last week I was bloated due to my monthly visitor, so this loss definitely reflects that! I am so excited to see this difference. Have a great Wednesday!

Spring styles I'm lovin'

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! I wanted to throw together a few items that I am really diggin this spring. I love fashion and I definitely wanted to express that, instead of just blogging about fitness all the time! I would love to give y'all a style blog but considering it is midterm week, I haven't gotten out of my sweats! We will save that for another week :). Y'all enjoy and hopefully you like some of the picks. All are very affordable. Stay tuned for Weigh in Wednesday later on today!

Love this dress! In fact, I may go get this for a wedding I am attending Friday!

Really liking this maxi from Forever 21.  

Chevron Chevron Chevron!

Loving this delicate shirt with the peter pan collar.

Absolutely LOVE this handbag from JC Penney!

Perfect for a casual day..Loving bows right now!
I have been looking for a necklace like this! Goes with everything.

Tribal bangles - loving the patterns and colors.

Love this knot ring..perfect for every day.
Arrow cuff..cute!

5k Challenge Week 1

Hey guys! I am so excited to be a part of this link up with the amazing Katie from KTJ Weighing in and Kim from Latte and A Prayer

Wedding bliss

Planning a wedding is rough. I got engaged last year to the most amazing guy ever. The last (almost!) 5 years have been the happiest of my short 22 year old life. I was so happy to one day be able to call  him my husband..and then wedding planning started..well okay, it just started and I'm already feeling the pressure. Being that we are both in school, we are having a little over a 2 year engagement as we want to wait till after we graduate. We will be getting married in October of 2014. 

"Wednesday" Weigh in.. On Saturday!

Okay I know that today is not Wednesday..I'm a little late (ok a lotta late) but I couldnt resist being a part of weigh in Wednesday.. luckily I actually weighed myself Wednesday and wrote down my results!

A "real" athlete

Today was eye opening for me. My fiance and I ran our first 5k together. Now when I say "run", I mean that lightly.. very lightly. More like power walk (me- such short legs!!) and relaxing stroll for him.

Ready to go!