Yeah. No, don't sign me up for cardio...

Happy Friday guys!
I am so excited that it is finallyyyyy the weekend..Two more weeks and a small break in school! WOO! However, what I am REALLY excited for is the Foam Fest 5k this weekend! Ya'll, I am so ready for this!! Let me spell it out for is a 5k fun run that involves mud, foam, water, and how frickin awesome!! 

This is the video off their website..I hope our location is as fun as this one!

Anyways, I couldn't do this alone so we winded up making it a family event! My mom, sister and my fiance will be doing it with me! We also decided that if we were a team, we would need matching T-shirts. Of course, when we signed up for the race, Pitch perfect (still love it!) was a movie everyone could not get enough of. And um what better reference to use, than Fat Amy's infamous "Horizontal Running" we decided to use that because unfortunately we are not as creative as I'd like to think..Now my fiance has complained through the whole process about using this movie but all I can say is he is lucky his shirt isn't pink and glittery like ours.. We made these ourselves and they came out awesome! I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. 

If you follow me on instagram, you may have gotten this sneak peak:

Everyone have a great weekend!!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! Where's it at? And I want one of these shirts! I actually saw a mermaid dance team shirt with fat Amy in it on Pinterest that I wanted to get my sister for her birthday but it was $30!
    Have fun :)

    1. It was in Denham Springs by the tiki tubing place. I would love to make you one if you want! Early wedding present...every bride needs one in their wardrobe :). Yeah, prices are ridiculous for just screen printed shirts! Its so easy to make them.