Wednesday Weigh In - Week 3

Another Wednesday, Another weigh in! Here are my numbers from this week :)!

Body weight: 143.6 (-1.4)
Body fat: 33.8% (-1.5%)
Water weight: 46.8% (+1)
Visceral fat: 4 (same)
Muscle mass: 90.2 (+.4)
Bone mass: 4.8 (same)

As of three weeks:

Body weight: - 5.2 lbs
Body fat: 2.4%
Water weight: +1.6%
Visceral fat: -1
Muscle mass: +.6
Bone mass: same

 I feel like this link-up has really pushed me. Knowing I have to post my results on here every Wednesday definitely made me push myself! ALSO, I am so stoked to see that muscle mass go up a bit! Thanks Jillian Michaels (That woman scares me from behind my television screen...)!! I am so far on Day 3 of her Body Revolution program and so far I love it. It is difficult but not least not yet! I can definitely feel it also as I have been sore since the first day :). Happy Wednesday guys!

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