"Wednesday" Weigh in.. On Saturday!

Okay I know that today is not Wednesday..I'm a little late (ok a lotta late) but I couldnt resist being a part of weigh in Wednesday.. luckily I actually weighed myself Wednesday and wrote down my results!

My weight as of Wednesday was 148.8.
I recently got back from a cruise a few weeks ago and put on a few pounds, thanks to that delicious chocolate buffet (the best night of my life)

Thanks to my boss' totally cool new scale, I also have a few more statistics that make me cringe even more than my weight ( eh you win some, you lose some!).

Body weight: 148.8
Body fat: 36.2%
Water weight: 45.2 %
Visceral fat: 5
Muscle mass: 89.6
Bone mass: 4.8

Hopefully, we can see a slight change by next weigh in :).
I am currently trying out the 17 day diet (day 6) to jumpstart healthy eating habits and help me learn to nourish my body with the right foods.
We shall seeeee how this works out :).


  1. SO jealous of your cruise... I love cruises, sooo much fun! Umm, that chocolate buffet sounds way worth a couple of pounds!;) I'll look forward to next week to hear how the 17 day diet is going!

    1. Girl, was it worth it! I almost don't even feel bad for enjoying it so much ;)!