Wedding bliss

Planning a wedding is rough. I got engaged last year to the most amazing guy ever. The last (almost!) 5 years have been the happiest of my short 22 year old life. I was so happy to one day be able to call  him my husband..and then wedding planning started..well okay, it just started and I'm already feeling the pressure. Being that we are both in school, we are having a little over a 2 year engagement as we want to wait till after we graduate. We will be getting married in October of 2014. 
As the date gets closer, I finally feel like it is time to start planning but boy, is it a lot! We have booked 2 appointments to see venues Friday and Saturday, we will be trying on dresses! I would love some of y'alls input on wedding planning..any tips? I was so excited, after some digging in the attic,  to find my mother's wedding dress. She bought this dress for 30 dollars from a thrift store and thought she had thrown it away! We found it with all the Halloween costumes! Silly, silly woman. I plan on displaying it at the wedding along with some photos from her wedding. My future MIL's dress and photographs will be up as well. I think it will make a beautiful display. On Sunday, after finding that dress, we were all kind of in a "wedding" mood. So we went off to a few thrift stores and Michael's. We found a lot of great stuff at Michael's for GREAT prices....and it was a lot of fun!

Me in Mom's dress! (The back wouldn't zip, crazy woman was like a 100 lbs when she got married!

Me and my beautiful mother. My face is kind of creepy in this, ha! Mom is beautiful though.
Some of the charms we got for the wedding. We plan on using these for the table decor. Love them!

We only bought a few of these, but I think I am going to go back and get more. They would make beautiful centerpieces right...with flowers in the inside?

We bought this for the cards...It's technically a box, but looks like a vintage suitcase. 

Now on to Weigh In Wednesday

As of today, I have lost 1.2 lbs since last week..
Body weight: 147.6 (-1.2)
Body fat: 36% (.2)
Water weight: 45.3% (+1)
Visceral fat: 4  (-1)
Muscle mass: 89.6 (same)
Bone mass: 4.8 (same)

Now this isn't much of a change, especially with the results others are having with the 17 day diet.. However I did lose 5 lbs from this diet before I started the weigh in. I also may have had a few binge sessions involving Girl Scout cookies..I'm tellin ya, I can't say no!! Maybe next week will give better results :). 

 Have a great rest of the week guys!

**Sorry about the issue with pictures being centered..I am working on a new layout right now..for some reason, they will NOT center. It's driving me nuts ya'll!


  1. Hey lady thanks for stopping by my blog! I wanted to return the favor... Your mom is so pretty!!! As far as wedding tips, go to a bridal show in your area. The ones by Pink bride are great. also check out my post the link is at the bottom it will take you to another future brides blog and she is super helpful!!! Happy planning from your newest follower!!!

  2. I love love you shabby wedding decor!!! and I so love that your mom still has her dress how awesome is that!!!!!!