A "real" athlete

Today was eye opening for me. My fiance and I ran our first 5k together. Now when I say "run", I mean that lightly.. very lightly. More like power walk (me- such short legs!!) and relaxing stroll for him.

Ready to go!

So we get to this race, and here I am fully dressed out, okay.. I looked and felt like a real runner...and I'm ready to impress the hubs. He knows how hard I've worked and I want to be able to show him. The race starts...3 minutes in, my lungs are on fire. It made me feel like a failure. Here I am, trying to prove myself as an athlete and I am holding him back! I felt pathetic. I tell him how important it is to workout and reap on and on about how I am a healthier person and I can't run for 10 minutes? Or even 5?

 Over the past year, I have worked hard to eat better (with the exception of sweets, put chocolate in front of me and all my so called self control goes straight out the window!) and to work out.. just to be healthier. When I picture myself years to come, I want to be in shape. I want to be a runner.. I dont know what it is about being a runner that gets me. I feel like if I can run, I will finally be that "athlete"I have always strived to be. Not to mention I can't wait till I can be all like "Yeah I just ran 5 miles..no big deal." (Is that weird?)

Well.. I may not have many readers right now, but for whoever you are reading this, I am asking you to hold me to it!! I will complete the c25k this time around. First, I am going to run a 5k. Then a 10k and one day, I will ride around town with that obnoxious 13.1 on my back windshield feeling so totally badass. I will do it!!!

I will be a runner, you can count on it.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel, girl!

    I used to not be able to walk a mile without being exhausted. I was so thrilled when I jogged my first 15 minute mile. I too had that desire to become a runner but it seemed impossible. My lazy & out of shape man was already starting off at a 12 minute mile and that made me feel so inferior.

    This year my best single mile time is 9:45 and my average mile is usually around 12 min. Jogging is actually fun to me now! Running is still hard and I feel like some people might scoff at me for calling myself a runner because I'm so slow, but I'm PROUD of my slow run!

    When I go out for a run with my boyfriend I know I'm holding him back. He stays with me anyway. I still do a run/walk mix but I notice the walking time is always going down. It's nice to have a supportive partner!!

    A 5k has become pretty much a common workout for me but I still want to do an actual race. I really want to start training for a half marathon this summer. I'm scared because races make it seem all "official" and whatnot...haha!!

    I look forward to reading about your adventures in running!