Bloggin' blues and an engagement party

Ever not know what to write about? When I started this blog I felt like I had so many things to talk about, and I couldnt wait to be like the clever, witty, hilarious women I read on a daily basis. I couldn't wait to be like them! Then, I start writing and realize, this shit is hard. Why am I not naturally witty?
Oh Shelton, I feel your pain.
Now that my school work is out of the way. It is on to last minute planning for the engagement party this weekend. I am terrified y' joke. What if everyone hates it and awkwardly stands around playing candy crush or god forbid, checking their Instagram.

Hopefully with enough food and alcohol, everyone will be satisfied! 

On another note, I am running The Color Run in Baton Rouge next weekend. Any suggestions? Tips? Opinions? I am really excited. Is the Color in Motion the same thing? I just received a Groupon for half off Color in Motion. It ends today but I think I am going to get it. Anyone who lives in the Baton Rouge area or doesn't mind driving should definitely look into it. Definitely a good deal!


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