Non Scale victories!

Hey guys, this will be short today as I am at school and typing this on my phone. I wanted to share a NSV with you guys that I am sooo very excited about!

In the post on Spring fashion I posted yesterday, I mentioned a teal lace dress that I was considering getting for a wedding.. Well in my considerably long break between classes, I decided to run to the mall and see what I could find. Low and behold, they had the dress! Unfortunately all they had was a size 12 and it jumped down to 6.. Now I'm usually a 10, sometimes an 8. So I decided to go ahead and try on the size 12. It was too big. I loved the dress and decided what the hell, I'm going to try the 6. The amazing sales associate at Jcpenney in Hammond, Louisiana got me a new size and wished me luck after I exclaimed how I was gonna squeeze into this baby! So I pull it up. It's a tad bit tight on the ole' bum but keeps going up... So I pull it up and zip. OMG, guys it fit! A mother frickin size 6!!! It was a little tight around my stomach but nothing a pair of spanx can't fix.. I was so excited I called two associates over to show it off and make sure it wasn't too tight. With their approval I walked out of that store with the SIZE 6 dress in my hands.. Now I doubt I'll be fitting in any size 6 jeans yet, but this definitely helped!

Sorry if formatting is all off, it is tough typing this on a phone. Have a great weekend guys!!


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